An Cafe

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21 Th3

An Cafe

The first impression about An Cafe is small, no facade, no way to find, space is tight with each row of chairs close together. But if you try to drop in that space, you will realize that everything is not so bad, that the small, discreet of the restaurant “perfectly” in the old style. You will also find that each row of seats is several centimeters apart, pulling people closer together in stories, laughter.

Then you will love more than the old decorations in the shop. From the old car to the door, the audio, the camcorder, even the radio, the electric fan, the chicken iron, the desk phone, the old mortar head, the lamp amplifier and the speaker. Feeling that they are not just ordinary decorations, they are the source of life, so that your emotions can become clearer. The first is the memory of a past, followed by admiration for the continuous development of technology, finally opening up new hope for the future.

Emphasis on the old elements so An’s space is also adorned with golden light from the stylized light bulb. Although not as bright or not luxurious, delicate as other modern equipment, but the golden light chain that brings a warm feeling, close.

In addition to admiring the ancient equipment of the shop, you will also find the ingenious combination of ancient and modern with the pendulum wood is extremely elaborate and extremely unique.

Coming to An Cafe with old decorations, will make you have memories of childhood … Or will bring to you a completely different feeling compared to the cafe known in Nha Trang.